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Upcoming Seminar

“Culture & Diversity & How to Say NO!” Thursday, 22nd May, 06:00 PM till 09:00 PM Building 1, level 2R, Council Chambers, RMIT University. LIMITED SPACES. BOOK TICKETS HERE

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Saying NO is a powerful and difficult skill which we all must master. Discover strategies for protecting your priorities and avoiding over-commitment.  A special sit down event forum – network and connect with two special guest presenters:

Imogene Hewett, Director of Resonant Integrity Training Solutions
presenting on “How to say NO (without being a bitch)” 

The modern workplace is attempting to embrace gender diversity, shake off outdated profiling and move towards a more balanced gender representation in leadership. Yet, even as organisations attempt to move in this direction, the real struggle is at the level of the individual female professional. Numerous global studies show that the modern working woman is still her own worst critic, listening to the perceptions of others to assess her capabilities and suffering backlash when she says NO or makes a controversial decision. A new working model is needed to allow female executives to realise the centre and circumference of their capabilities and in so doing, reach their true career potential! This presentation will discuss:

  • Traditional gender limitations
  • Female assertiveness in the modern workplace
  • How to say NO!

Imogene Hewett has over 20 years of professional experience as a renowned international speaker and workplace facilitator specialising in gender specific assertiveness, public speaking training, workplace communication, emotional intelligence, leadership and management training and effective teambuilding training. With experience servicing legal, financial, government, FMCG, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, transport / logistics, automotive education and information technology sectors, Imogene prides herself on ensuring course participants really “get it” so that they can make an improved change in the workplace!

Schavana Phillips, Business Development and Global Engagment Manager RMIT
presenting on “Culture and Diversity”

Schavana Phillips Business Development & Global Manager with RMIT University has worked in Business Management and Account Management for more than 20 years. Schavana has worked for a number of companies over her career and has been responsible for businesses operating across Victoria with portfolios in excess of $10m. In her positions she has developed extensive business networks and has been responsible for negotiating major business contracts within the SME markets and Multi National organisations. Schavana has consulted widely, managing accounts both domestically and internationally. Her broad experience and progression through various roles and organisations has provided her with extensive experience in the challenges and opportunities arising from both business development and account management. She holds a Masters of Business Management and has completed numerous other education programs.

Canapes and wines inclusive. Connect with other inspiring guests and implement these insightful strategies. BOOK HERE.

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