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Delivering Value to You

In the current economic climate top performers are more valuable than ever before. For nearly ten years, the major reasons that employees leave organisation are:

  • The job or workplace was not as expected, or a mismatch between job and the person
  • Too little coaching and feedback, or too few growth and advancement opportunities
  • Stress from overwork and work-life imbalance, or feeling devalued and unrecognized
  • Loss of trust and confidence in senior leaders

(From Leigh Brahnam’s “The 7 hidden reasons employees leave”)

At Resonant Integrity we pride ourselves on our work in these four areas. No organisational learning or change is ever effective unless it is personal and applicable. Our focus on Resonant Integrity means that attendees become fully equipped to apply the learning or changes to the workplace. Therefore, our effort is on facilitating individual change, supported by sound organisational theory, with clear and demonstrable benefits.

We achieve >95% satisfaction rated by the learners in the classroom, and this high standard is fundamental to allowing you to achieve your organisational goals. We back this up with a satisfaction guarantee on all our training offerings.


Our Story

In our respective careers spanning program governance, change management, corporate training and business development, we frequently observed the difficulties that people experience in modern management roles. So often the organisational stresses we were told about were due to a lack of authentic leadership and transparent management practices. Through our work with clients (organisations and individuals) it became apparent that in many cases the solution is already known, but it has more than likely been mis-applied or diluted through organisation politics to the point of being ineffective.

In our travels we met many wonderful people, and were exposed to a staggering amount of information and models in leadership theory. By leadership, we refer not only individual career advancement or effective people management of staff, but, more importantly, authentic leadership that is driven by personal integrity and resonates with the people around you – thus: Resonant Integrity.

Physics describes resonance as the reinforcement of sound by the synchronous vibration of a neighbouring object. This “reinforcement” tweaked our interest – what if we could teach professionals to sustain their own authenticity to the point that they could resonate with neighbouring individuals to achieve common goals? How powerful would it be if a leader could maintain this level of shared focus and integrated care? It is a metaphor, yet we all know the difference between workplaces that are harmonious and those that are not – and how this impacts the delivery of quality work and beneficial outcomes.

Find out more about out individual experience and skill background at Imogene and Christoph.

The journey that we embarked upon still continues. We support authentic leadership by teaching, facilitating and assisting the achievement of people’s Resonant Integrity.


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