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Learning Concierge & Coach

At Resonant Integrity we believe that workplace learning should be modular and customised to
adequately meet the complex needs of a modern organisation. Our Methodology reflects this.

The needs of every client are different;

  • some just need a great trainer for their own content,
  • some want training built specifically to match their business needs,
  • some want access to already established courses (including standards based training), and
  • some want more personal, emotionally intelligent coaching (using BarON EQ-i 2.0)

Resonant Integrity is your concierge to the learning landscape; we will match your business and
learning outcomes and provide the best package for your organisation, sometime with assistance
from our partners. Our approach to coaching is the same compassionate style backed-up by
proven research and techniques that you can observe in our training sessions. The added benefit
of Resonant Integrity coaching is that in these one-on-one sessions: You are our sole client, and
we’re focused on your development requirements.

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