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Christoph Hewett

CHwebprofileaChristoph brings over 11 years of progressive experience honed across state government departments and special projects. This has gained him a reputation in Organisational Governance, Service Excellence, Knowledge and Change Management.

Christoph’s facilitation style is deeply embedded in his Change Management background. With a warm and engaging style, Christoph’s informative and practical sessions utilise collaboration and coaching methodologies to assist participants in overcoming personal and organisational barriers.



“Christoph has a confident and credible manner, with a strong focus on service and continuous improvement. In our case this focus came through in the introduction of online systems that made our lives and those of our customers easier. These sorts of improvements also enabled us to gain greater value from the training evaluation data we were collecting”.

Manager, Department of Human Services

“Christoph’s analytical abilities are of the highest standard and through his warmth and respect of others, he is able to bring about real change through coaching and training”.

Graeme Strang CS, Private Practice,
Former Director, Former Treasurer, VECCI

“Christoph has a good commitment and works well with the venue team. He demonstrated great presenting skills during our role specific training sessions”.

Spectator Services Operations Manager,
Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games


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