Sales Results through Influence

Sales Skills

Sales success in the modern environment requires professional salespeople to exhibit brand values and proactively reach clients in order to achieve sales targets and objectives. The impacts of the internet and social media mean that old sales “tricks” or empty promises will result in failure. The concept of influencing prospects has been around for decades, but it is increasingly apparent that achievable and sustainable sales results are best realised through a business development mindset, negotiation skills and diligent follow through; which all impact the sales decision in a powerful way.

This course considers what can go wrong during prospecting and negotiation, and the importance of rapport building, listening skills, questioning skills and the value proposition in order to empower sales staff to influence the buying decision and garner new and return business.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • How to prospect – Techniques to garner new business.
  • Negotiation process utilising a variety of perspectives, tools and techniques.
  • Win-win negotiation strategies and advanced influencing model.