Developing Others for Success

Training Skills

Today’s HR Practitioners and People Managers have to “do it all”, including having the ability to deliver ad-hoc training when required.  From the perspective of the training participant, learning a new skill can be challenging and sometimes daunting.  The internal trainer’s role is therefore to introduce a new skill, cover the steps required to achieve the task and evaluate the completion of the new task, all whilst keeping the training participant(s) engaged and motivated.

For this reason, it is vital for internal trainers to understand the training process end-to-end.  This includes identifying skill gaps and prescribing new skill pathways, as well as designing, delivering and evaluating training.  With a focus on engaging training participants through doing, this workshop will provide an inside look at the commercial facilitators “bag of tricks”.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • How to perform a needs analysis and prescribing new skill pathways to close gaps.
  • How to design and evaluate training based on learning outcomes.
  • Tutorial on presenting to small groups for engagement and action learning.