Productive Self-Management

Prioritisation Skills

We all have times when we feel stressed about the number of tasks that require our attention.  The feeling that there are “not enough hours in a day” has been experienced by many generations before us.  It’s not just us who feel this way.  Effective self-management is a learned skill.  This course lays the groundwork to help you establish habits to best manage the time you have, in order to get the most out of yourself.

In this session we canvass a range of strategies for setting clear tasks throughout the day so that we can achieve specific outcomes in our working day.  Participants will be introduced to a number of time management tools to assist them to accomplish more with their time, with the long term goal of a greater sense of self, and more fulfilment at work.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • A clarified understanding of “peaks” and “troughs” in your working day
  • A model to differentiate critical, important, useful and necessary practices
  • How to plan, prioritise and delegate for yourself and others