Influence with Written Word

Writing Skills

Decision Making Writing for decision-making is a unique skill, which is vital for influencing senior people in formal organisations. The challenge is to clearly articulate the process followed, demonstrate that due consideration was given to all factors, and recommend thorough and concise outcomes for consideration. This session provides an introduction to writing effectively to advise on decisions.

Business Action In a world of rapid change, the importance of managing transactional processes and the continuous improvement of these processes, is vital. This session provides an introduction to effectively influence the process of getting things done.

These sessions can be stand-alone half-day sessions, or a combined full day offering.

These workshops deliver to you the following outcomes:

  • Understand the fundamentals of good business writing (for Decision or Action)
  • Develop a personal business writing method to ensure consistent results
  • Work with the facilitator/coach and your peers to improve your own writing style