Influencing Others

Collaboration and influence

The ability to “get people on board” with a project or task is a valuable skill in today’s working environment.   Taking into account age diversity, cultural diversity and diverse expectations, influencing others is a multifaceted skill-set.  How does one influence a wide variety of stakeholders whilst still maintaining professional integrity?  This is an interesting question and one that is explored in this workshop. 

Influential professionals exhibit values, integrity and proactivity in order to achieve results.  The concept of winning people over to a shared solution has been around for decades, but it is increasingly apparent that achievable and sustainable results are best realised through a business-focused mindset, advanced influencing and negotiation skills and diligent follow-through; which all impact results in a powerful way.

This hands-on workshop introduces influencing strategies combined with maintaining one’s professional integrity to unite others in a shared solution.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • Awareness and desire model
  • Practical models for achieving agreement with others
  • Identifying and utilizing your personal individual influencing modes
  • Fowler and Cialdini Models of Influence