Keynote Impact with BelCanto

Presentation Skills: Intermediate-Advanced

Building on the introductory BelCanto tools, this practical workshop is for experienced speakers – intermediate to advanced level.  This one day program will embed proper rehearsal and performance practice to facilitate sincere and stress-less public speaking.  Creating a firm foundation for use of the body, voice and face; this workshop will focus on the live act of public speaking and deal effectively with your individual performance concerns.

This workshop focusses on presenting.  You will have three opportunities to present to the group, as well as supporting your fellow participants to polish delivery and presentation style. This course draws upon the trainer’s 16 years opera vocal study, accessing 197 performance stress release exercises in order to craft your individual stress-trigger alleviators. Key learnings of this workshop are identifying and improving your weak points, finding your strengths and crafting your individual stress reducers.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • Personal trigger exercises crafted to manage individual stress responses.
  • Personal character tutorials in pitch, emotion and volume for better vocal range.
  • Coaching and peer feedback during your presentations.
  • (Optional) filming/editing of your presentation (additional fee-for-service applies)