Public Speaking with BelCanto

Presentation Skills: Introduction to BelCanto

Public speaking can be a dynamic, energetic and uplifting experience for both the speaker and the audience. However, all too often speakers underestimate the importance of preparation and subconsciously rehearse anxiety and stress, creating barriers to a great presentation. An inspiring public speaker has learnt techniques to control the body’s response to perceived stress; techniques that have been used for centuries by actors and singers as a part of performance preparation and rehearsal.

In this practical workshop you will learn about the world-famous performance method: BelCanto; meaning “beautiful voice”. BelCanto is a European vocal performance tradition dating from the early 1600s. BelCanto Basics is a somatic (body-based) performance preparation that has been incorporated into a simple system for use by corporate or public speakers. Similar in nature to the “warm-up” for singing or acting, this course shows individuals how to connect to their inner strength; whilst speaking confidently and sincerely in a public setting.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • Practical tools to effect body-based stress reduction for performance.
  • Vocal exercises to improve vocal resonance, tone and articulation.
  • Stage directional tips to “make an entrance” & “hold the spotlight”.
  • (Optional) filming/editing of your presentation (additional fee-for-service applies)