Resilience for Peak Performance

Leadership & Management – Change Management

The modern work environment demands focus upon the softer skills of communication, particularly during change periods in the workplace.  As a people manager navigating within an increasingly changing workplace, a new set of communication skills are required to harness the potential around us. With a particular focus on coaching skills and change management; as well as dealing with the emotions of others, this workshop will enable you to better communicate with staff in order to influence productive outcomes.

Open plan offices, ever changing measures, tight deadlines and the increasing expectations from customer and client can make for a volatile mix of emotions within.  As a Manager, it is important to recognize these emotions within the team and develop coaching and change management skills to address and correct staff concerns.  This practical workshop will help you to recognize signs of stress within the team; as well as helping you to identify how to support and engage the resilience of staff through change.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • Fixed mindset versus Growth Mindset (building resilience in others)
  • Coaching staff through Change (coaching tutorial for managers)
  • Understanding the “long tail” of change in order to manage change effectively
  • How to alleviate emotions of others & prepare for the “emotional” conversation.
  • Using resilience methods effectively within the team and workplace.