Communicating for Results

Leadership & Management – Communication

Whether you are an executive, manager or specialist, the modern business environment demands focus upon the softer skills of communication.  Today‚Äôs top professionals demonstrate a new set of communication skills that motivate and influence the people around them. With a particular focus on emotional intelligence, including dealing with the emotions of others, this workshop will enable you to better communicate with staff and stakeholders to achieve productive outcomes.

The modern workplace offers fertile ground to utilise effective communication practices to drive individual and team success.  This workshop focusses on creating resonance in all your communications, and in so doing, fostering the positive ripple-effects for working in harmony with others.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • Gaining trust & building rapport through Emotional Intelligence.
  • Using active listening & questioning skills for feedback.
  • Assertiveness and preparing for a courageous conversation.