Building Resonant Teams

Leadership & Management – Team-Building

People want to thrive in their jobs, and they want to see their team mates thriving also.  Resonant teamwork creates a positive ripple-effect through shared ideas, words and actions to work in harmony with others.   The democratic flavour of the modern workplace offers fertile ground to cultivate a resonant team environment to drive individual and team success. From both a people and culture perspective, as well as from an organisational perspective, today’s workplace is big with promise.  The promise of increased revenue, productivity, effectiveness, employer branding and profit share, are just some of the indicators that are positively realised when teams thrive.

This hands-on workshop introduces effective management practices and tools including an introduction to emotional intelligence which enables people managers to create a resonant team.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • Day-to-day management practices including setting goals (Decisions and stress).
  • Implementing Emotional Intelligence styles for yourself & others.
  • Preparing for a “courageous” conversation (Team dynamics and harmony).