Leading with Integrity

Leadership & Management – Leadership

In the current economic climate top performers are more valuable than ever before.  This places a higher responsibility on leaders, who are being challenged in new and different ways, due to the democratic expectations of work teams today.

Today, the successful leader is one who is authentic in character, values and capabilities. This authenticity resonates with staff, sending a powerful message of matching words and actions.  Staff experience this as authentic leadership, or leading with integrity.  This approach to people management harnesses the full capabilities of your team to work in harmony and achieve positive and productive work outcomes.

This hands-on workshop utilises the BarOn EQi emotional intelligence tool and transformational leadership practice as a solid framework to become an authentic leader.

This workshop delivers to you the following outcomes:

  • The importance of values to gain buy-in from others.
  • Influential approaches using emotional intelligence (BarOn EQi).
  • Benefits of Transactional and Transformational Leadership.