Performance Coaching

Consider the breakthroughs possible when you work with a Resonant Integrity Coach. Through a discreet and practical process, we assist professionals to accelerate their performance and that of their organisation.

Whether you have been promoted to a new executive role or looking to find renewed energy in your existing role. Whether you are determined to achieve business results at a new level or perhaps want to broaden your communication effectiveness in the current climate, our sophisticated and respectful coaching approach is focused on you.  Each session will set tangible objectives, as we work to support and celebrate progress during the sessions.  Our methodology is a two-way process, whereby we prepare your session with solution research and position you for real-life growth through application, trial and error.  On average, we apply 2 hours preparation (behind the scenes) per hour of coaching (face-to-face). Held at the prestigious RACV City Club, in a discreet private room, our invigorating and informative coaching sessions will highlight self-created barriers, dramatically increase your effectiveness and inspire you to bold action for breakthrough results.   Our approach to coaching is the same personal, compassionate style backed-up by proven research and techniques that you can observe in our training sessions and classroom activities.

The added benefit of Resonant Integrity Coaching is that in these one-on-one sessions: YOU are our sole client. It’s all about YOU and your individual requirements.

3-Sessions5-SessionsEmotional Intelligence Assessment
For assistance in overcoming personal    barriers to change.Best for achieving real & embedded change for results. Discover more about yourself & options for planned change.
1x Problem-mapping
0-2x Method session
0-2x Embed session
1x Problem-mapping
1-3x Method sessions
0-2x Embed sessions
1x Review session  
Using BarOn EQi online assessment & personalised report.
Self-reflection tools. Self-reflection tools. Using BarOn EQi
self-reflection tools.
One-on-One session. Coaching Equivalent of
One day training session.
One-on-One session. Coaching Equivalent of
Two day training session.
One-on-One session. Report de-brief included in session.